Opportunities for filtration development – A two-week project with Croft Filters Ltd and Lancaster University engineering students

Croft Filters Ltd are currently engaged in a two-week project with third year engineering students to work on bespoke filter designs. The project aims to supply filtration solutions for potential customers utilising the Additive Manufacturing Patent that has been granted to Croft Filters.

A team of Mechanical Engineering and Electronic and Electrical Engineering students from Lancaster University will be working on the project alongside Croft Filters.

GB2527996 - Filter and method of manufacture

Not only will this two-week project be a fantastic opportunity for the students to gain practical experience in the industry, but it will also provide Croft’s customers with chances to redesign their filters and improve their filtration performance.

Companies who wish to develop their filtration system can benefit greatly from this project as well as contributing to the development of young talent. They will have their filters customised to their system by Croft and the engineering students, who may even come up with an innovative design to resolve the customer’s filtration challenge and improve their filtration system processes.


Croft’s mission to promote youth in industry

Croft Filters are passionate about promoting youth in the engineering and manufacturing industry and have been investing in young people to help develop new talent.

The company has worked in partnership with Lancaster University for quite some time, offering various opportunities for their students to acquire work experience. Croft Filters also sponsors the Made Here Now programme, an exciting initiative focused on raising the profile of the manufacturing industry and attracting young people to the sector.


About Croft Filters

Croft Filters have over 34 years of experience in delivering filtration solutions to the Chemical, Oil, Gas & Energy, Food & Beverage, sectors and more. Croft is committed to understanding customer needs and providing high-quality service and products within a short lead time.

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