EXOStructrure Mesh Filters

Croft Filters has developed a unique, innovative solution to improve filtration efficiency of mesh filters utilising the combination of both conventional and additive manufacturing methods.

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Croft’s latest development, the EXOStructrure mesh filter, is designed to increase strength and stability of mesh  woven wire filters through the addition of localised supports. This helps overcome limitations of traditional wire mesh filters, including insufficient strength to keep their shapes or reduced open areas when adding support. As a result, Croft can ensure the maximum open area of the mesh is obtained, delivering a greater filtration efficiency.

EXOStructure Mesh Cone Filter

The EXOStructure Mesh Filter has been used as last chance filters in fuel systems. The filter range can also be applied in different systems across various industrial sectors.

Croft can supply the EXOStructure filters in a range of shapes, support designs and fittings to suit customers’ requirements.

EXOStructure Mesh Basket

Product Benefits:

  • A quality product specifically designed for your system.
  • Over 30 years’ experience in filtration.
  • Maximised open areas and sufficient strength
  • Quality materials with certification on request
  • Customised shapes, support designs and fittings
EXOStructrure Mesh Filter

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EXOStructure Mesh Filters – Croft Filters’ innovative solution.

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