Croft Filters avert sticky situation

Market leading producers and distributors of sugar based speciality products for the food and drinks industry, James Fleming & Co Ltd, turned to Croft for a new Glucose filter.








Using their design, Croft manufactured some filters to fit on the ends of the glucose pipelines. The filters have a flat section at the rear which allow the glucose to run down the filter body and back into the production process.

Each filter has a quick release mechanism – a triclover ferrule and clamp which makes maintenance a simple task when cleaning.

Custom Filter Unit


James Fleming & Co Engineering Manager, Steve Boyle, said:

“We were happy with the final products that Croft supplied with a quick turnaround. It’s not the first time we have used Croft Filters. Croft are experts in filtration and are now our regular supplier of filters.”

Croft Filters’ Neil Burns said:

“This was really interesting challenge to create a filter that dealt with a specific problem in a way that maintained the integrity of the manufacturing process and gave added benefit of easy cleaning with reduced maintenance costs.”

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