Croft Filters supplies the construction industry with specialised solutions including filtration solutions, adhesive anchoring sleeves and perforated panels.

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Croft not only supplies filters to our Customers within the construction industry, we also supply mesh sleeves used for adhesive anchoring. With the use of our in-house capabilities we can tailor the sleeves to requirement, offering a range of sizes and designs to suit.

All material is supplied from Europe, North American or Japan and is available with certification on request.

construction filters, Perforated panels, mesh sleeves

Anchor Mesh Sleeves

Croft manufactures mesh sleeves with diameters ranging from 6mm to 32mm, to various lengths and with crimping styles suited to our customer’s requests. As a result of our in house developments, we are able to manufacture other sizes for specific applications.

mesh sleeve

We are also able to offer mesh sleeves up to 1 metre long, giving our Customers the ability to cut to their desired length.

Sector Benefits:

  • A quality product.
  • Over 30 years’ experience in filtration.
  • ISO:9001 Certification
  • Quick lead time
  • Quality material used (available with material certification)

Perforated Panels

Croft Filters also supply perforated plate in a range of styles and sizes. This is common to find as a replacement for glass infill panels for balustrade within the construction industry.

Croft can quickly supply custom punched plate in a variety of quality materials, available with material certification (when requested at enquiry).


Perforated panels

Perforate with Margins

Croft perforate with margins, resulting in a quality finish on panels. This margin not only acts as a safety edge (or plane edge) but also makes it easier to use the plate during fabrication. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements or to find out more information.