Our extensive experience in supplying quality filters into the Chemical industry, allows us to work with Customer’s to solve their unique filtration challenges.

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Over 30 yearsexperience

Short lead time

Bespoke filtration solutions

Over the years we have seen just how specialised and unique each system is within the Chemical industry. From the filtration or separation of particles to a catalyst or control of a reaction, each product requires different qualities in order to achieve the desired results. We work with you in order to supply a quality filtration solution, designed to specifically solve your filtration needs.


Croft supplies filters to many different Chemical companies, common product types include: Filter Screens, Leaf Filters, Filter Baskets and Witches Hats. Each offering different qualities and benefits to the process systems. Products are available in a range of materials including Exotic Materials, for use within harsh working environments. We manufacture in the UK using only European and North American materials wherever possible

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Sector Benefits:

  • ISO 9001 Certification
  • Quality product available in Exotic Materials
  • Short lead time
  • Custom Manufactured
  • NDT and Material Certification available
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