We continue to supply custom filters to the pharmaceutical sector. Offering a range of products that play a vital role in our Customer’s production processes.

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Over 30 yearsexperience

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Croft Filters has supported the pharmaceutical sector for over three decades, supplying products such as screens and cones in order to overcome our Customer’s filtration challenges. Throughout this time, we have learnt of the importance of precision engineering, and how vital it is to the industry, the need to filter efficiently whilst ensuring accuracy.

Pharmaceutical Filters

We specialise in producing a quality filter that is designed with the operating system in mind, considering the optimal open rate, filtration level and pressure to allow the system to run as smooth as possible. Manufactured in the UK, Croft use only European and North American materials wherever possible.


Sector Benefits:

  • A quality product designed for the system.
  • Short lead time – Products despatched in as little as 2 days.
  • Over 30 years’ experience in filtration.
  • Quality material used (available with material certification)

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