High value plastics from complex waste streams

One client became very frustrated with their existing supplier following the failure of several of their filter screens. The problem recently became 'acute' when this supplier went out of business.








Croft assessed the work of the previous supplier and suggested improvements to the design of the required screen, the polymer screens to be used and the manufacturing methods themselves, to produce a more reliable and robust solution. The screens are used to filter plastic pellets from plastic powder, which in turn are used to make a variety of plastic polymers.

Curved Custom Perforated Screen

Using C.A.D software, Croft created a template for their highly technical punching machine to make a perforated stainless steel screen. Croft can punch steel to a particular pattern and this included punching the small bracket components for which the screen would be bolted into the production line.

Through several more processes of forming and rolling the steel plate and welding the various bracketing components, the screens are completed to the exact specifications. This was supported by a stringent quality control policy complying with our ISO 9001 accreditation.


A very satisfied customer who is now able to produce a finished product to their exacting standards, with reliable output and in a cost-effective way.

With an ever-increasing order book, Croft Filters are recognised as a key manufacturer of filters for the plastics sector.

Croft work with some of the market leaders in this sector, such as Alpha Plastics and MBA Polymers – and with extruder and composite companies such as Gurit and Cytec.

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