A picture paints a 1000 words…

Picture the scene. You need a filter, and you want it in a hurry...

Picture the scene. You need a filter, and you want it in a hurry. Your mesh basket has failed, leaving you with a machine that doesn’t function properly, unexpected downtime and a desperate need to get a replacement as soon as possible to minimise costs – and keep your customers happy.

filter picture

Fortunately, with Croft Filters, you have a reliable UK supply chain; essential in the current global climate. You know Croft Filters can help you with a new component – after all, they are renowned for quick service. So you go onto our website, click on the baskets, strainers and cylinders, which brings up a handy diagram of the mesh basket Baskets, Strainers & Cylinders Product Guide you urgently need, and without further ado, email or phone us to get a quotation before you place your order.

But theres some information that clients often forget which can delay their order…and its straightforward to avoid this. If you go back to the diagram, you will see in the bottom right-hand corner a small box. This box shows a table with A, B, C, D, etc. and then a list of different filter parts. Please fill this in!

The diagram on the webpage conveys the associated measurements for your order. We need you to complete the information in the box with the sizes you require and have that information ready when you phone us (or if youre tech-savvy, email your enquiry). Once we make you a quotation and receive your order, we can start making your customised product straight away.

At Croft Filters, we pride ourselves on our quick response rate. We keep stocks of a range of materials including Woven Wire Mesh, Perforated Plate, Sintered Wire Mesh Panels and Knitted Wire plus a huge selection of sheet materials that we can put on to our punch presses within minutes of an order being placed – so we can often provide next-day UK delivery. Additionally, our ability to manufacture using Additive Manufacturing processes offers the opportunity to speed up the whole procedure, a quick turnaround on design for bespoke products and decreased costs in waste material. In short, here at Croft Filters, we aim to keep our customers happy and fully supplied with exceptional products, processes and support and provide a rapid turnaround on our bespoke service. A picture may paint a thousand words, but we still need your help to complete that picture! So to keep your ordering process as smooth as possible and maximise turnaround efficiently – remember to complete the details on the diagram.