How Croft’s patented product innovations can help improve filtration performance

Croft Filters Ltd are celebrating their first patent: “GB2527996 - Filter and method of manufacture” to be granted shortly after 7th May 2021.

Croft Filters Ltd are celebrating their first patent: “GB2527996 – Filter and method of manufacture” granted shortly after 7th May 2021. Years of experience in filtration have led Croft to develop a filter and manufacturing method that improves the performance of fine filters for fluids.

The application for this patent was filed on 25th April 2014 and the patent was published on 6th January 2016. Since then the patent has been under examination until recently.

About the patent


The key to this innovation involves a two-part filter that provides a substantially rigid support and filters at a predetermined size; and a method to manufacture the filter that utilises additive manufacturing processes. Both the filter’s design and the manufacturing process were created by Croft Directors Neil Burns, Mark Burns and Darren Travis.

Additive Manufactured Cone Filter

The protected innovative design aims to avoid and reduce the disadvantages of conventional two-part filters, including pore blockage and risk of change in pore size caused by the support layer. These factors can significantly impact the performance of very fine filters (having pores of a few microns for example). Additionally, the pressure drop through filters increases as the pores become blocked with captured solids, which can distort the fine filter layer.

Croft’s invention is to join or attach each strand of the filter portion to the support portion forming a continuous and complete structure. This means that the pores through the filters maintain their desired size, shape, and position. The filter portion is also able to withstand the operational pressure during use.

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