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The Croft Filters team is based in Warrington, England, but were capable of supporting people in need of custom filters beyond the UK too. As pioneers in the filtration industry, weve always been dedicated to going above and beyond for our customers, whether that means designing state-of-the-art backflush filters from scratch, or investing in the latest innovations within the additive manufacturing space. Our dedication to excellent customer service also extends beyond the UK and the local companies that rely on us to help them transform their processes and operations. Over the years, weve worked with countless groups from various parts of the world, helping them to discover whats possible with the flexibility and scalability of custom filtration. After all, its not just British companies that need excellent filters to keep their machines and factory floors running. Whether youre in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, energy, or waste management industries, filtration is crucial all over the world.

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Like the UK, the United States is an environment thats continually growing and evolving, driven by the demand for more convenient processes and quicker innovation. Some of the biggest companies in the world reside within the USA, and just like the businesses that we work with in the UK, these organisations demand the very best filtration to help them keep up with industry standards. As a leading filter manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience designing bespoke industrial filters to solve a range of challenges for todays companies, Croft is always ready to share knowledge, expertise, and innovation with our clients – wherever they are. This includes offering state-of-the-art bespoke filter services to companies in the United States. We can offer US businesses the opportunity to embrace all the benefits of our design and engineering background when it comes to accessing vacuum filters, cone filters, basket strainers, and countless other designs. Whats more, were here to offer support and advice on any aspect of your filter strategy. Director Neil Burns can assist with any industrial or design requests you might have when requesting new filter systems. Alternatively, his brother Mark is on hand to answer technical inquiries. Whether youre interested in the Dixon Ring manufacturing process, and how we developed a machine specifically to support high-speed production, or youre keen to take advantage of the benefits of additive manufacturing, Croft Filters is here to support our brothers and sisters in the States, just like we serve our customers at home in the UK.


In the UK, Croft Filters stock a range of incredible materials for filtration, often available for next-day delivery. We can provide everything from stainless steel mesh to perforated sheet filters, fine wire mesh, wedge wire, and more. While we might not be able to deliver your filters in the USA by next-day delivery, were still committed to getting the products you need to you as quickly as possible. Wherever you are in the world, the Croft Filters team always takes great pride in our ability to understand consumer needs and supply a rapid turnaround on bespoke services. We know that filtration is crucial to industries ranging from power generation to food production and pharmaceuticals, which is why were always ready to deliver fast and practical support, no matter which sector youre involved with. 60% of the filter systems and products that we produce for our United States customers go out within six days or less. Our commitment to excellent results for all of our clients ensures that we can embrace the ideal blend of speed, accuracy, and quality for every customer. When you come to us in search of a bespoke filter, you can rest assured that youll always get premium quality, without compromising on speed. Over 30 years of experience, combined with the latest in filter design tools, additive manufacturing technology and dedication to customer service means that Croft will always deliver the results you need – even when youre not located in the UK. If youre ready to find out more about starting your filter journey with Croft, reach out to us today!