How to improve your sales process in 5 easy steps

How can you ensure your sales processes are as efficient as possible to ensure you're getting the best out of your business and delivering a great service to your customers?

Businesses still relying on manual systems are overlooking a huge opportunity to reduce lead-times and overall costs, eliminate errors from their systems and deliver exceptional customer service by embracing upgraded, streamlined solutions. Automation isn’t just for the factory floor; software can help improve your systems, your productivity and your sales process. So, when addressing how to make your business more competitive, the answer may not lie in the manufacturing process, but in your sales office. Leveraging the advantages provided by automation, having a clear strategy and building the knowledge and skills of your team can enable you to transform your sales process and streamline your efficiency. So, how can you ensure your sales processes are as efficient as possible to ensure you’re getting the best out of your business and delivering a great service to your customers?

sales process


1. Automate routine quotes, drawings and BOMs – to avoid errors and significantly decrease the time needed from the initial creation of a quote to the start of manufacturing. Eliminating human error in repetitive tasks, the risk of relying on out of date information in old brochures, and the time spent to qualify information with engineers means you can provide a much quicker and accurate turnaround and get the order in development much faster.

2. Use your data – once quotes are raised and orders in, automated data processing allows for quick download of relevant product and customer information into your business’s data system so that it can be easily retrieved by your Sales Manager for analysis. This allows for better determination of trends and workflow to ensure your teams are working to optimum productivity levels.

3. Incorporate business intelligence tools – these tools will enable senior management to gain a clear understanding of the complete lifecycle of a product from the first enquiry, to quote, production process and delivery, to facilitate performance reviews.

4. Upskill your staff – Its no good having all the latest software if your staff can’t use it. So, invest in your team, making sure they can maximise the data and systems to hand.

5. Strengthen your customer service – No matter how great your product, people repeat business with those companies that have exceptional customer service. By harnessing efficient systems, data analysis and skilled staff, you place your business at the front of the pack to offer an excellent service to customers. One that will have them returning to you.


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