The importance of maintaining filtration systems

Why good filtration is important for efficiency

Y-Strainers take their name from their shape. They are the devices that mechanically remove unwanted solids from steam, gas or liquid lines, usually pressurised, utilising a perforated or wire mesh strainer. They can also be used in vacuum or suction conditions.

maintaining filters


Y strainers help the efficiency of everything from pumps to control valves, traps to regulators, and help protect other sensitive equipment from damage, thus increasing the longevity of your downstream apparatus. Occasionally, filters can go missing during maintenance. Although clean-out should only be needed infrequently, when a blockage does occur it’s often the case that the filter can be found to be damaged or it can go missing during the maintenance process. It could be that your operative has taken out a filter to clean it and forgotten to put it back in place: imagine that the machine suddenly backs up in the middle of a night shift. The filter is quickly removed and cleaned, but the operative forgets to replace it. It’s easy to forget about it as the machine is now going to flow easily of course – thanks to lack of filter. But it’s not good news for the pipes and equipment long term! Removing filtration elements and leaving your filter housing without filtration in place means your machine will not perform as well and could result in damage to equipment further down the line.


The elements in your Y strainers ensure that your equipment keep running at peak performance without any concern of damage This means greater productivity, less downtime and a smoother and more efficient service for your customers. So, it’s worthwhile keeping your filtration system working efficiently. And to avoid having missing or damaged strainers, it’s also good practice to ensure your company keeps a stock of spares. This is where Croft Filters can help you.


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