What do filters and Halloween have in common?

If I told you that here at Croft Filters we have a range of witches hats you wouldn't think we'd moved into costume manufacturing

Well, it won’t have slipped your notice that it’s nearly that time of year for ghosts, ghouls and all things spooky. If I told you that here at Croft Filters we have a range of witches hats you wouldn’t think we’d moved into costume manufacturing – in fact, witches hat filters are one of our best-sellers (and not just at Halloween).

filters and halloween


Witches hat filters are primarily used to provide a filtering layer that removes solids suspended in water, oil and adhesive resin. They are used in systems for softening, desalination, water filtration and water pre-treatment, as well as less-demanding industrial water supply and oil fine filtration equipment. Witches hat filters can be composed of layers of wire cloth to create a filter material with higher strength and rigidity. The multilayer meshes form an ideal uniform filtration structure, and the material and construction maximise the flow area, effectively reducing resistance and ensuring reliable operation.


As a specialist producer of witches hat filters, Croft Filters can manufacture them for a wide variety of applications. In stainless Steel 316, we can make them with a pore size as small as 1 micron, using a single mesh or several meshes to achieve the required micron rating.


Metal Additive Manufacturing, also known as Metal Additive Layer Manufacturing (MALM) uses a process of laying metal powder on a bed and using a computer-controlled laser to melt and fuse the metal at the required points. After the process, the excess powder is removed and recycled, with the remaining solid metal remaining in the desired form. The critical advantage of using Additive Manufacturing is that it provides us with the ability to enhance the design of a part in ways previously not attainable. Additive manufacturing gives Croft Filters the ability to graduate metal thicknesses to give strength only where it is required, produce internal features and intimately produce assemblies or finished products in a single production cycle for all our filters – not just witches’ hats.


Here at Croft Filters, we pride ourselves on being a leading manufacturer of bespoke filters, with over three decades of experience in our industry. We have helped companies from many industry sectors solve their filtration challenges – no matter how complex. Our commitment to creating highly bespoke and customised filters means that were always ready to address any problem our customers might have and help them improve their productivity and efficiency. As specialists in custom filtration, were always ready to tackle the latest demands of our new and loyal customers – no matter what they may need from us. Thats why were continuously investing in the latest tools, technology and even the future generations of manufacturing talent. Whether youre in the pharmaceutical industry, power generation, food and beverage, oil and gas, or a range of other sectors, you can rely on Croft to help you make the most of your filtration strategy. With many years’ experience and our comprehensive knowledge, we’ve proved ourselves time and again to be leading suppliers of high-quality, reliable solutions to meet each customer’s precise needs. If you would like to know more about our off the shelf and bespoke services, or have an idea that cannot be manufactured using conventional techniques, contact us today!