Rundown Screens

Croft Filters supply rundown screens, also known as parabolic screens used for solid and liquid separation. These filters are custom manufactured to suit our customer’s specific processes.

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Rundown screens are a cost-effective and highly efficient filtration method with large capacity for applications such as dewatering processes. Each unit consists of an outer body made of mild steel or stainless steel; an inlet chamber and a wedge wire curved screen, where the separating process happens. Whilst the liquid is extracted through the screen into a collecting chamber, solid particles are deposited on the screen, slide to the bottom and then onto a solids discharge chute due to gravity. The extracted liquid can then be reused or discharged through a disposal outlet of the collecting chamber.

Rundown Screen Filter

Product Benefits:

  • Available in stainless steel with varied specifications
  • Large capacity for dewatering process
  • Cost-effective and efficient method of solid and liquid separation
  • Self-Cleaning screen, reduced downtime
  • Over 30 years’ experience in filtration

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