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Croft Filters are UK suppliers of high-quality self-cleaning filters manufactured by HiFlux Filtration A/S Denmark. We can provide a range of models for different applications within various industrial sectors as well as spare parts to replace damaged components, and advising on the most suitable model for customers’ requirements.

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Made from stainless EN 1.4404 steel, HiFlux Auto-line filters are designed as compact self-cleaning automatic filters which can be used for cleaning a diverse range of liquids, including paint, lacquer, lubricating oil, bitumen, HFO, grease, paint, toothpaste, water, fermentation liquids, petrol, syrup, condensate, CIP liquids, antibiotic suspensions, many types of waste water.

The cleaning process of a filter uses a plunger or a series of scrapers to remove impurities caught on the filter element. The captured particles are scrapped into a sludge chamber at the bottom of the filter, where they are drained away from the filter. The drainage takes place through the bottom valve, which can be set to be activated after a certain number of scrapings.

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Rotating Unit Design

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The cleaning cycle can be controlled through an electronically automated system, a pneumatically operated control system or a manual system depending on the model. As impurities are concentrated before being pushed out of the filters, product loss is reduced to the minimum. The flow through the filter is continuous during the cleaning process, allowing an uninterrupted production and improving lifetime of the filter element.

Filtration Elements

The self-cleaning filters can also be applied within a variety of processes such as cooling, heating, refining and pre-filtration to final filtration, filtering to sizes ranging between 30-2000 microns. Filter elements are available as perforated plate, Wedge Wire and Laser Drilled.

Self-cleaning filters can help to eliminate downtime to clean manually or to change filter elements; cut costs on maintenance and replacement of filter elements and improve productivity and quality of the manufacturing process. The simple yet robust and reliable construction makes the filters easy to service and suitable for applications with limited spaces.

Product Benefits:

  • A compact, automated unit
  • Cut downtime and operating costs
  • Improve productivity and quality
  • Easy maintenance

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