Nuclear Sector

Croft Enters the Nuclear Supply Chain

Croft’s entry into the nuclear supply chain as a tier 4 supplier is very much a result of our ability to tailor a product to each client's specific needs.

Quick turnaround

for final product

Bespoke Product


Improved productivity


Filtration challenge

Croft were called upon to supply a filter for a catalyst retainer: prior to their involvement, the existing filter had needed to be lifted out of its container and inverted in order to drain it.

Neil Burns, Director at Croft, said:

“The nuclear industry needs to engage with small specialists across the supply chain who know what they are talking about. A small redevelopment or refinement by an expert can save thousands, or often hundreds of thousands of pounds, not to mention countless working hours. And the amazing thing is that, like us at Croft, manufacturers don’t have to be nuclear specialists in order to seize a nuclear opportunity – the nuclear industry is another ‘specialised’ area of work for us in the same way that food or automotive industries require specific understanding of the manufacturing challenges they face.”

Croft continues to supply the Nuclear industry with many different filter times, all custom manufactured to their specific processes.

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