Filtration in the Chemical Industry

The Chemical industry is a very diverse sector whose activities are fundamental to the modern life.

The Chemical industry is a very diverse sector whose activities are fundamental to the modern life. The industry helps convert raw materials into essential products such as consumables, building materials and fuels. Filters play a vital role in the production processes of different chemicals and can have an impact on product quality.

For over 30 years, Croft has served many customers operating in the Chemical industry. Not only can Croft supply custom filters for filtration and separation in Chemical processes, but we can also offer products to act as catalysts for chemical reactions. Read on to learn more about how Croft’s products can be applied in Chemical processing systems.

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Filtration of cooling water

In any Chemical plants and processes, heat exchangers are crucial equipment used for cooling to ensure accurate, consistent, safe and long-lasting operation. One of the common cooling methods utilises water from natural sources including rivers and seas. The water usually needs treating to avoid causing clogging and corrosion within the cooling system, which may lead to equipment failure.

At Croft we manufacture custom filter baskets and witches’ hat filters to be applied within the cooling water filtration system. Each product can provide a certain filtration level, filtering solids, large particles and fine particles in the cooling water. Particularly, witches’ hat filters can be used for water softening and desalination, and can be made to filter down to as little as 1 micron. These filters help to protect the heat exchangers and extend their service lifetime.

Truncated Cone Strainer

Made from stainless EN 1.4404 steel, HiFlux Auto-line filters are designed as compact self-cleaning automatic filters that help eliminate regular downtime, manual cleaning, and use of disposable filter elements. This leads to improved productivity and quality, reduced operating costs and valuable product loss.

Dixon rings for chemical reactions

A type of random column packing, Dixon rings are used in chemical processing such as distillation, absorption, heat transfer and scrubbing. Dixon Rings are suitable for applications that require high efficiency mass transfer and exceptionally low pressure drops. Croft are one of the few suppliers of Dixon rings, developing a fully automated process which can manufacture the woven wire packing material in a cost efficient way with the ability to produce high volumes very quickly.

Agitator elements for continuous flow reactors

Croft has supplied perforated tubes, or agitator elements, to a customer specialising in flow reactors, the mixing equipment for manufacturing fine chemical. In-house capabilities allow us to turn the ideal solution supplied by the Customer in the form of 3D drawing into a precision fabricated component. The products meet the specific requirements in terms of profile, thickness, rigidity and materials (Hastelloy).

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About Croft Filters

Croft Filters is the leading UK manufacturer and supplier of custom filtration solutions for over 30 years to the Chemical, Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical and other sectors. Croft can offer various products for different Chemical processes and applications.

Quality of product has been key to Croft success. We work with our Customers to deliver the most effective filtration solutions custom-made for their systems, in a short lead time as little as two days.
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