Leaf Filters

Leaf Filters are high-quality systems that can be used for a multitude of batch and continuous filtration processes.

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Typically, an array of leaf filters can be placed across a horizontal or vertical filter housing for a range of continuous and batch filtration processes. This ensures a steady flow of liquid through a system whilst preventing solids and impurities from passing to the next production stage. The retained solids on the filter surface form a filter cake which helps to increase flow rate or achieve a smaller micron filtration.

Each leaf filter is composed of a filter frame covered both sides by layers of wire meshes. Vertical Leaf Filters have a high filtration area versus vessel volume ratio.

leaf filter

Over 30 years of experience in filtration allows us to custom make or re-mesh each leaf filter to achieve the desired filtration level and flow rate. The product is particularly suitable for applications filtering fluids with high solid contents.

Product Benefits:

  • A quality product designed for the system.
  • Suitable for continuous and batch filtration processes of fluid with high solid contents
  • Over 30 years’ experience in filtration.
  • Quality material used (available with material certification)
  • Re-meshing service available.

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