Croft in ‘fast lane’ with F1 Transmission Filters

Croft quickly supplied quality filters to be used in the high performance transmissions, helping Formula 1 teams with filtration problems.








Xtrac supplied Croft with drawings of their requirements and once a prototype had undergone rigorous testing, had given approval for the manufacture of 50 filters. The filters were to be used in the very next F1 race and so Croft provided a quick turnaround.


Xtrac F1 Design Engineer, Adam James:

“The service we received was excellent. Being very high quality, Xtrac are extremely pleased with the filters Croft supplied. The compact size of the filters helped with the packaging restraints of our gearbox and after successful testing we have continued using the filters throughout the season.”

Croft Filters’ Neil Burns said:

“This is an example of Croft being in the fast lane, with innovative design work and skilled technicians working with customers to meet tight deadlines and deliver quality products.”

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