Custom filtration is plain sailing for Croft

Croft proposed a new and improved design and promptly manufactured and delivered the filters, much to our delight, meaning we could replace the existing components quickly and easily.



Short Leadtime

In as little as two days



These rules apply to any size of ship, including the Woolwich Ferry, which carries foot passengers and vehicles across the River Thames. The ferry services operates three vessels that each use water from the Thames to cool their engines, which must first be cleaned to prevent any contaminants from entering the system.

Filtration challenge

Briggs Marine, who operates the service, contacted Croft Filters to help develop replacements for the ferries’ existing filters, which had been installed in the 1960’s.


Croft quickly identified the types of filters that were needed – custom-made double bathtub strainers with easy-to-clean elements – and agreed these would be constructed in stainless steel to prevent corrosion.

Custom Perforated Strainer


Croft re-engineered the filter, which not only solved the drainage problem, but also effectively removed a hands-on function from the process, saving both time and cost.

Nigel Bullen, technical manager of the Woolwich Ferry, commented:

“Operating a busy public ferry service, we could not afford to lose a vessel to any downtime, so we turned to Croft for their filtration specialism.”

Neil Burns, Director at Croft Filters ltd said: :

“Following our consultations with Briggs Marine, we developed a double bathtub filter to increase the open area of the component and the flow of water across it. This has enabled the ferries to filter the river water and cool the engines more quickly and efficiently than before.”

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