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Filter helps test subsea pipelines

Croft’s extensive experience within the Oil and Gas industry is a result of us supplying custom filtration solutions for many different processes.

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Two of Croft’s engineers spent 30 hours working on CAD drawings, ensuring the technical calculations were exact. Using their specialist knowledge of which materials and specifications would work best for the task at hand, they decided to replace the outer mesh of the filters with perforated plate.

The filters would be used to sift seawater in the testing and commissioning of gas and oil pipelines off the coast of Nigeria. They filter any debris from the sea water before it passes into a pump. The water is then pumped through the pipes to weight them to the seabed and also to pass through the ‘pigs’.

Perforated Baskets Lined with Wire Mesh


Not only did Croft supply a replacement filter to exact requirements for the customer operating system, the Company was also able to enhance the quality and durability of the existing filters.

Ian Meredith, Sales and Product Development at Croft, said: “This was a challenging job that involved more than 250 hours work and a multitude of CAD drawings. Our team did a fantastic job and Xiom were very pleased with the result.”

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