Filtration in the Industrial Wastewater Industry

Having operated in the filtration market for over 30 years, Croft Filters has provided various filter designs to wastewater treatment plants.

Industrial wastewater usually contains various kind of impurities and harmful chemicals that need treating before reuse and disposal. Due to disruptions in industrial activities caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, investments in the water sector worldwide is predicted to slow down. Nevertheless, recent research shows that the industrial wastewater treatment market is expected to reach $78 billion in 2028, growing at a CAGR of 6.8% starting from 2021.

Market drivers and challenges

Key factors, that drive the growth of the industrial wastewater treatment market, are rapid increase in population, industrialisation, urbanisation and emphasis on water quality and public health. Additionally, the limited and declining resources of freshwater for various industrial processes also contributes to market growth.

Filtration in the Industrial Wastewater Industry

Aside from Covid-19, the wastewater treatment market is also faced with other challenges such as high installation, maintenance, and operational costs; and complicated treatment processes that hinder the growth of the market.

Developments in the Wastewater Treatment Industry

There has been continuous research and development in the treatment technology to find and utilise more sustainable, cost effective and efficient methods. Some examples of this are to treat industrial wastewater with biological technology using algae, advanced membranes, and using electricity.

Furthermore, there have also been investments in the facilities and infrastructures of wastewater treatment in industrial plants. For example, Austrian fibre manufacturer The Lenzing Group has invested in a new wastewater treatment plant in Grimsby, England, supporting their target of reducing wastewater emissions by 2022.


Wastewater Treatment

Filtration in wastewater treatment

Treating wastewater often requires a combination of complicated processes and means. Filters are vital components in many stages of the treatment. Amin Almasi, a lead mechanical engineer, highlights the importance of suitable and sufficient filters and screens in the wastewater treatment system to reduce costs and ensure its performance and effectiveness.


How Croft can help

Having operated in the filtration market for over 30 years, Croft Filters has provided various filter designs to wastewater treatment plants. Croft’s cone filters, filter baskets and screens can be used for coarse and fine filtration of solids in the wastewater stream. Rundown screens are also a cost-effective and efficient solution for separating debris from the wastewater.

Croft also manufacture last chance filters to help protect downstream equipment such as pumps. The filters are custom-made in quality materials, offering long service life. We can also supply high-quality self-cleaning filters designed specifically for filtering wastewater.

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